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details of our brands that make up Victoria plc

UK & Europe

From parks to sports grounds, from lawns to roundabouts, from balconies to playgrounds. As a business to business grass supplier, Avalon draws on 25 years of expertise, creativity, dependable service, and passion in delivering an optimal product to meet the customer’s need.


Thanks to a rich history, and extensive knowledge of the product and industry, Edel Grass is a trusted supplier of artificial grass solutions for sports and landscaping purposes all over the world.


GrassInc. develops and produces artificial grass in 100% European quality. Known for its no-nonsense strategy with very low overhead cost, so that we can offer the lowest possible prices for the highest quality artificial grasses made in Holland.


Quality, reliability, and sustainability are the top priorities for Royal Grass, with over 15 years experience in the industry Royal Grass is established as a proven supplier of exceptional quality artificial grass.


With vast industry experience and a focus on extremely high quality-standards, United Works specializes in commission tufting and backing of carpets and artificial grass, artificial grass yarn extrusion and finishing and production of synthetic grass yarn.