investor relations

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investor relations

The Chairman and the Board seek to ensure that the views of major shareholders are understood by the Board. The Chairman maintains regular contact with major shareholders and offers a line of contact should the shareholders decide they need further understanding of their issues or concerns.

The Board recognises the Annual General Meeting (AGM) as an important opportunity to meet private shareholders. At its AGM, which is chaired by the Chairman, the Company complies with the provisions of the Code relating to the disclosure of proxy votes, the separation of resolutions and the attendance (when physically possible) of the Committee Chairmen. The Company’s procedure is to arrange for the notice of the AGM and related papers to be posted to shareholders at least twenty working days in advance to allow for consideration prior to the meeting.

institutional investors

One-to-one meetings and group presentations are offered to analysts and institutional investors, usually following the announcement of the Group’s results or trading announcements. These presentations are also posted on our website to allow all shareholders access to the material. We will always consider any additional requests for meetings or information, subject always to our obligation to ensure that information of a potentially price sensitive nature is first released via a stock exchange announcement.

private investors

Company announcements are posted on our website and e-mail alerts are sent out simultaneously to those registered on our distribution list.