Victoria rss service

To add the RSS service to your reader, copy the following URL or drag the RSS icon into your Reader:

What is RSS?

RSS is a useful tool for keeping up-to-date with new content on your favourite web sites. It stands for Really Simple Syndication. When a web page you are interested in is updated you receive a headline, a small amount of text or a synopsis and a link to the full information.

RSS feeds are typically provided by news sites, although any website can provide them. You can subscribe to as many different feeds as you want and simply view all the new information from all the websites in one place. You can read RSS feeds on your computer, PDA or mobile phone.

How do I use it?

You need an RSS Reader or Aggregator to make use of RSS feeds. These can be web based or a program you download. Many RSS readers are free and are easily found by searching the internet. Some popular ones are listed below.

How do I subscribe?

It is easy to subscribe to, and unsubscribe from, a feed. When you find a website with a feed that you would like to add to your RSS reader you can do so in two ways. Most sites that offer an RSS feed have an orange “RSS” (or “XML”) button on the web page. With some readers all you have to do is click this button to subscribe to the feed. Other readers require you to copy and paste into the reader the URL of the coded page that the button sends you to.

Once you have signed up for an RSS feed you will be alerted to any news updates automatically. The feed is available as soon as you’ve added it, and your next update could arrive in seconds. To unsubscribe, you simply delete the feed or URL from your RSS reader.